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Please contact me by telephone or email if you are interested in purchasing original artwork. Prices are available on request.

(248) 646-5938

“Apple Pickin” is painted from a photograph taken at an orchard in late afternoon. I enjoyed catching that light and having the red and green color contrast of fruit and leaves. “Ratatouille” is an arrangement of color and shape that give a recipe for this flavorful dish. Such still lifes are an opportunity for personal imagination to take over. Painting objects in reflection is another fascinating challenge. In “Sterling Images,” the bowl and table both take their place in the reflection. “Foxes in Oak” is from a photograph taken by Jerry Meach during a golf scramble at Stonycroft Hills Golf Club. He captured this pose perfectly. The oak has since been cut down and the foxes are gone. I enjoyed painting a special moment. That is what I hope to convey in my art. It is the pleasure in capturing the certain moment, the special arrangement or the unforgettable memory that I hope to portray.